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Customer Service

What to Expect When Damage or Defects Occur

If you notice any damage or defects on your product, report it as soon as possible to the Delivery Team or Customer Service. We require you to inspect your furniture and report damages within 72 hours of delivery. Any defect noticed after this should be reported right away for a better chance of warranty coverage.

Customer Service: 239-270-5678 option 4

During your first call with your Customer Service Representative (CSR), they will schedule our Service Technician for an inspection of the product in your home. If you are able to, please email photos directly to your CSR to assist with the claims process. We will still send a Service Technician to your home to complete a full inspection, take additional photos, and attempt a repair. Any photos you are able to send prior to service can assist both the CSR and Service Technician in resolving your claim.

Our Service Technicians are highly skilled and trained to handle many various furniture repairs. We ask that you allow them to attempt repair before requesting any further action. If you refuse repairs, it will delay your resolution, and we may have to send the Service Technician back at a later date to attempt this repair. Your satisfaction is important to us, so if they are not able to complete a repair, we will look for another resolution in order to bring your furniture to industry quality standards. If you are not satisfied after a repair attempt, please advise the Service Technician or call your CSR.

Once you have been assigned a CSR, please contact them directly rather than your salesperson. All service issues are handled directly by our Customer Service Team in our corporate warehouse, not by the Sales Team in the store. If you contact the store, they will refer you back to your CSR.

If the Service Technician is not able to repair in the home, your CSR will contact you with other options which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Repair of product in our repair shop which will require pickup and redelivery (if loaner product is needed, that can be arranged by your CSR)
  • Full exchange with replacement product
  • Repair of product at the factory
  • Reselection to another product
  • Return of product for a credit on your account
  • Keeping the product for a discount

Each situation is unique with many factors to consider. Please understand that the resolution for one service issue may not be the same as the resolution for another service issue. Also due to all of the parties involved, resolution may take some time. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the process.

Furniture Protection Plan provided by Uniters

We offer an Accidental Furniture Protection Plan through one of our partners, Uniters North America.

This is an optional plan that you can purchase when you purchase product from us that provides coverage for 5 years from the date of delivery. The price of the plan is dependent on the price of the furniture you purchase. It covers accidental damage, not accumulative damage from typical use. Please see the full terms and conditions for more information. (Link to full terms and conditions)

When you have a claim that is covered by this protection plan, you need to call Uniters North America directly to file the claim within 15 days of noticing the damage. If you noticed the damage more than 15 days prior, it will not be covered.

Report as soon as possible to Uniters
Phone: 866-213-6702

Pure Balance Plan for Indoor Furniture

Most external damages caused by accidents are covered with this plan. Construction of the furniture is also covered with this plan. It typically extends the normal coverage offered by the manufacturer in some of the most technical aspects of furniture. It covers:

  • Accidental stains, rips, tears, burns, and punctures.
  • Accidental scratches, gouges, chips, or dents that penetrate the top coat of hard surface finish.
  • Water or beverage marks or rings.
  • Structural failures such as a structural or component failure due to a defect in materials and workmanship during normal residential use that results in the breakage of frames, glass, mirrors, mechanisms, welds, swivel bases, recliner handles and assembled joints and includes component mechanical and electrical failures such as defective motors, massagers, vibrating units, and heaters.
  • Checking, cracking, bubbling, or peeling of the coating of finish on hard surfaces.
  • Seams and stitching separation, zippers, buttons, and tufted buttons.
  • Loss of silvering on product
  • Gouges, chips, dents, punctures penetrating through the top coat of hard surfaces

Pure Value Area Rug Plan

This plan is available when you purchase a new rug from us and covers:

  • Accidental stains, rips, tears, burns, and punctures.
  • Damage to the fringe.

The Outdoor Plan provides replacement and repair to outdoor furniture. This plan covers:

  • Staining – all accidental stains from a single incident (except perspiration, hair, and body oils)
  • Surface damage – accidental rips, tears, burns, accidental surface damages that penetrate the finish.
  • Structural – breakage of frames and mechanisms necessary for the proper functioning of the product and includes table tops and umbrellas.

BedGard Protector

The BedGard Protector is a mattress cover that is offered to protect your mattress from accidents and possible stains. This is helpful since any type of stain can void the warranty on your mattress. It is available on all mattresses. This covers:

  • Accidental stains (excluding accumulations)
  • Construction of the mattress protector

General Warranty Information

Robb & Stucky warrants merchandise for one year from date of delivery. We will repair or replace at our option any defective merchandise at no charge. Defects caused by abuse or negligence are not covered. This warranty does not apply to goods moved to another address. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser upon proof of purchase. Customer must report any scratches, dents, chips, tears, soiling, etc. within 72 hours of delivery. The warranty applies under conditions of normal residential usage only and does not apply to defects or damage resulting from negligence, abuse, misuse, inadequate or improper maintenance, cleaning, or care, exposure to chemicals and/or liquids, accidents, or any use for which the product was not designed. This warranty is not applicable on “As-Is” or clearance merchandise.

There is no Robb & Stucky warranty or manufacturer warranties against fabric wear, fading, incorrect care or cleaning, excessive or improper use, exposure to sunlight or extreme temperature and/or humidity changes.

Some manufacturers may offer a warranty longer than 1 year on certain components. Robb & Stucky can contact the manufacturer for these warranty claims, but the consumer will be responsible for any extraneous charges, such as shipping and labor. There may also be an administrative fee.

AS-IS Merchandise

Merchandise sold “AS-IS” is not covered by any warranty. There is no service, no returns, and no warranties on “AS-IS” merchandise.


Special orders cannot be returned. In stock product in original condition may be returned within 14 days of delivery. A pickup fee equal to the delivery fee will be charged on all items requiring pickup and will be deducted from any refund or credit. COM fabric cannot be returned or refunded. Delivery and shipping charges are not refundable.

Ship-Out Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are included and initialed during the ship-out sales process. We have them listed here as well for your convenience.

  • You will be contacted by your Ship Out Coordinator when they receive your signed delivery agreement from our showroom. Your estimated shipping charge will be confirmed at this time. If the shipping charge has changed, you can select one of the following:

    o Accept the new charge
    o Robb & Stucky will cancel shipping charges only and you can make arrangements with a carrier of your choice.

  • During the call with your Ship Out Coordinator, please address any questions and concerns. The coordinator will ask you a series of questions to insure your delivery goes smoothly. These include but are not limited to:

    o Is this a business, residence home, or residence condo?
    o Is the address in a gated community or subdivision, and what is the name of the community?
    o Does the furniture need to go up more than 1 flight of stairs? If so, is there elevator access?
    o Are there any delivery restrictions in your community such as times (i.e. 8am-5pm) and days (no weekends)?
    o Do you have limited availability for delivery (such as an upcoming vacation)?
    o Is the driveway accessible for an 18 wheeler tractor trailer?
    o What is the best contact number and email? Which is your preference?

  • All merchandise and delivery charges must be paid in full prior to our delivery company receiving merchandise from Robb & Stucky.

  • Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery from the date all merchandise is available in the Robb & Stucky Distribution Center. Special Order or Out of Stock merchandise is NOT included in this time frame. Please be aware, we are not able to commit times, dates or date ranges for delivery. Remote areas may be subject to a longer wait time due to availability of trucks to that area.

  • Once your entire shipment is located in our facility, you will receive a call from your Ship Out Coordinator confirming you are available for delivery. If you do not return this call promptly, your shipment may miss the available truck and have to wait on the next one.

  • Additional services will result in additional costs to you. For example: hoisting of product, three or more flights of stairs, shuttle trucks or other special accommodations.

  • Your furniture will be inspected and deluxed prior to shipping and will only be released after passing our quality assurance standards. However, if your merchandise arrives in less than satisfactory condition, you must notate any problems on the delivery receipt before you sign for the merchandise. Please contact your ship out coordinator within 72 hours to report any concerns.

  • If you choose to have your product left in boxes, you will need to sign a Release of Liability releasing Robb & Stucky from responsibility for the condition of the product.

  • The delivery company will not mount or hang any items on your walls.

  • Delivery space must be clear prior to delivery. Additional fees will apply for any moving of non-delivery product.

  • Delivery charge will not be refunded for any returned merchandise unless it is defective by vendor standards. You will be responsible for additional return charges.