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A life of travel leads to a love of all design

A life of travel leads to a love of all design

September 30, 2021
Tricia Lynch cultivated her career in interior design from a worldly sensibility, traveling the globe with her family and living in North America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, including her favorite homes in Rome and San Francisco. During her travels, she developed a natural love for beauty, architecture, and design. She holds an associate’s degree in interior design and has been honing her skills over a 20-year career.

Read the full Designer Q&A here.
Designer Q&A: Using her talents to combine trends with tradition

Designer Q&A: Using her talents to combine trends with tradition

August 26, 2021

"A native of Pretoria, South Africa, where she grew up “surrounded by breathtaking beauty, rich colors and creative people,” Ingrid de Villiers has called Southwest Florida home for 24 years. Robb & Stucky has been her workplace home for the past nine of these years. Ms. de Villiers earned a bachelor of arts degree in interior design at London Metropolitan University in London, England. She has received numerous Sand Dollar Awards from the Collier Building Industry Association for her work on single-family homes, and in 2016 she was the winner of Blink Art Resource’s annual interior design challenge. Blink is an art marketplace described on its website as “a cross between a portfolio, an artist director and a trends reference.”

Read the full Designer Q&A here.

Designer Q&A: Looking for new and unique things for every project

Designer Q&A: Looking for new and unique things for every project

July 15, 2021
"Judith Kristoff grew up in Canadohta Lake, Penn., in the snow belt between Erie and Pittsburgh. She started her interior design career in the late 1980s in Southeast Florida and moved to North Carolina after studying interior design at Indian River State College in Fort Pierce. Three years ago she returned to the Sunshine State and joined the design team at Robb & Stucky."

Read the full Designer Q&A here.
Gold Standard: COMFORT FOR ALL

Gold Standard: COMFORT FOR ALL

February 6, 2020
LIKE MANY BABY BOOMERS, Mitchell Gold grew up in a home where the living room was reserved for guests but otherwise off-limits to family members.

“When I grew up and my parents redid their living room, they took my brother and me in and said, ‘This is the living room. Now you see it. Stay out.’ It was like an invisible rope and we always came through the side door, never through the front door,” said Mr. Gold, 69. “So, in my own living, I only go through the front door. I mean, rarely do I go in the side door. And we use the living room to live in. So, I think it’s really just a very different way of living now. We use every room. People use every room in their house now.”

Furniture Exec to Discuss Design Trends

Furniture Exec to Discuss Design Trends

March 28, 2019
Jason Phillips, vice president of the North Carolina furniture company Phillips Collection, will discuss current trends in furniture and design at a free seminar that begins at 11 a.m. on Friday, March 29, at Robb & Stucky, 7557 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Phillips will focus on how to incorporate natural elements into your living space at the event, which will include light refreshments and a gift card raffle. RSVP online.
An 'old-new' Robb & Stucky looks toward GROWTH

An 'old-new' Robb & Stucky looks toward GROWTH

February 7, 2019

The featured style in Robb & Stucky’s glossy 2019 winter catalogue is called Modern Beach House. The luxury home furnishings and interior design company creates this contemporary style and others seamlessly, although individual pieces come from manufacturers across the U.S. as well as Asia.

Before each product is given a “white glove” inspection and finally shipped out to show- rooms in South Florida and to homeowners anywhere in the world, it all comes through the company’s new 125,000-square-foot distribution center and corporate headquarters off Lee Road in South Fort Myers. “It’s the whole kit and caboodle,” said distribution manager Keith Fraser one morning in late January, after solving an issue with a large glass table-top that had failed to fit in someone’s elevator. “Everything from the whole company rolls in to this building.”

The company that was started more than a century ago in downtown Fort Myers, hit hard by a global economic downtown, and came in to new ownership in 2011 after being forced in to bankruptcy, has grown steadily over the last seven years and is planning further stores in Florida and beyond.

Robb & Stucky Design Team Wins a 2018 Design Excellence Crystal Award for the Panorama Tower Model

Robb & Stucky Design Team Wins a 2018 Design Excellence Crystal Award for the Panorama Tower Model

September 29, 2018
Miami, Fla. (September 29, 2018) – Robb & Stucky model residence at Panorama Tower, an 85-floors 842-unit high-rise tower by the Florida East Coast Realty Group has won a prestigious 2nd place at the 2018 Design Excellence Crystal Award in the Showhouse / Model Category.  The American Society of Interior Designers Awards represent the Society’s highest level of professional recognition!

Robb & Stucky’s Interior Designers, Maria Elena Holguin, ASID and Deborah Dawson, accepted the award for designing and creating the acclaimed interior for the 842-tower residence model. The model includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open great room, island kitchen, terrace spaces & included in a 1632 square ft of total living space.

Holguin and Dawson furnished the model with a chic, vibrant style in mind while also providing a design that would attract a wide variety of people that would love to live, work and play in Brickell. Upon entering the apartment, the bar is painted with the Benjamin Moore color of the year Caliente and the color is added to some elements throughout the apartment. The palette for the spaces is white, grey, red, orange and some teal. The furnishings have clean lines and are upholstered with fabrics and leather textures.

The view of Biscayne Bay and the adjoining sites of bustling Brickell sets the tone for the design of the model. The seating arrangement includes a curved sofa upholstered in a dark grey suede, a fabric chair and 2 ottomans. There is also a dedicated work space area with a glass top desk, acrylic chair and contemporary artwork.

To view this model, contact the Maria Elena Holguin or Deborah Dawson at 305-667-5609.
Living Life Beautifully 

Living Life Beautifully 

August 15, 2018
It is with a sense of great honor that Eric Chein steers the ship as President and CFO of luxury design and home furnishings retailer Robb & Stucky. For a brand that is over a century old, it's energy is as kinetic and dynamic as if it were ....... 
Ronto names designers for two additional models at Seaglass 

Ronto names designers for two additional models at Seaglass 

July 9, 2018
BONITA SPRINGS– The Ronto group announced Robb & Stucky's Susan Bleda, ASID, Interior Designer Rachel Porco, Interior Designer, Monica  Meissner, and Cynthia Bradford, ASID have been, have been chosen to select the furnishings for two new.....
Luxury Design Services by Robb & Stucky Help Ownership Attract Interest from Buyers

Luxury Design Services by Robb & Stucky Help Ownership Attract Interest from Buyers

February 27, 2018
Robb & Stucky recently completed of the interior design of model condominiums as well as the lobby, outdoor terraces, pool and gazebo area at 1300 Ponce de Leon in Coral Gables, Fla. The project has generated significant buyer interest...