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Art of Sanibel Exhibition & Seminar

June 26, 2019
By Katie Babka, Copywriter & Social Media Specialist

Well… we did it again! We pulled off another successful event in our Fort Myers showroom. The Art of Sanibel Exhibition and Seminar took place last month with an incredible turn-out...

Staying Positive Under Pressure

October 19, 2017
positivity-seminarLife is busy. Work, home, gym, bills, etc., there are a lot of things that can bring stress into our lives. However, if you keep the right mind set it is possible to 'stay positive under pressure'.

That's exactly what Dr. Amanda Evans, a professor at Florida Gulf Coast University with a background in Sociology, spoke about to a group of realtors and industry professionals. It was a part of our free "Positivity is the Key" seminar supporting Laces of Love and hosted at Robb & Stucky's Fort Myers Showroom.

Heavenly Bodies

August 11, 2017
heavenly-bodiesHeaven knows, celestial matters have been top of mind for months, as Planet Earth rotates and spins through space to August 21st. For the first time in 99 years, the moon and the sun will cross paths creating a total eclipse of the sun over a coast-to-coast swath of U.S. geography, including Florida. It’s Mother Nature’s ultimate light show.


Living Big in Small Spaces

July 11, 2017
living-big-small-spacesWith so many of our clients living in high-rise condos with limited space, we thought it was necessary to share our tips on living big in small spaces. “It can’t be done!” you might be saying, but it can. With the help of our designer Jay Filler, you’ll be living in a spacious 900 square foot home in no time!


Made in America

June 29, 2017
made-in-americaWere you born to shop? I was! How fortunate am I to have found a career as a professional shopper. As Robb & Stucky’s creative director, shopping is a big (and I say the best) part of what we do. Our team literally shops the world to bring the most innovative designs and finest brands to Southwest Florida.


Trend Spotting: The Layered Look

June 8, 2017
trend-spotting-layered-lookContrary to popular belief, trends don’t come and go. They evolve. We see it every daya t Robb & Stucky. Understanding how trends ebb and flow can help you pass on passing-fancy trends (think fidget spinners) and give a thumbs up to trends with staying power (think Audrey Hepburn and that iconic strand of pearls).


Age of Opulence

May 11, 2017
age-of-opulenceThere’s a new design trend in the wind. It’s modern, but not minimalist. It’s rich, but won’t break the bank. It’s super glam, but never gauche. Here at Robb & Stucky, we call it the Age of Opulence.


The Go-Go Greens

March 17, 2017
go-go-greensGreen is having a moment – and it’s more than fleeting 15 seconds of fame. The color’s patron saint is a 14th century missionary by the name of St. Patrick. And more recently, another authority – Pantone – ordained Greenery as the color of 2017.


Seven Secrets to Good Design

March 3, 2017
seven-secrets-good-designWant to know a secret? Good we’ll give you seven! Seven secrets to good design that is. Our very own Joan Schneiter recently hosted a seminar on these juicy secrets and we just couldn’t help but spill the beans!


Ice Palace (Florida Style)

February 24, 2017
ice-palace-florida-styleIs February in Fort Myers all sunshine and blue skies? That would seem to be the prevailing wisdom, but not so fast! At Robb & Stucky, we’re forecasting ice storms. It’s less about meteorology than what we call designology.