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Interior Design Partners

Interior Design Partners

Interior Design Partners Program

Independent designers are invited to make themselves more valuable to their clients with the Robb & Stucky Interior Design Partner Program. Join today and enjoy full access to the Robb & Stucky portfolio of products, services, facilities and design commission. We are entirely at your service. And, simultaneously, Robb & Stucky will honor and support your intimate, one-on-one relationship with your client. We can be…

  • Your backroom
  • Your delivery team
  • Your accounting    department
  • Your customer service department
  • Your satellite office
  • Your meeting place
  • Your fabric workroom
  • Your design center
  • Your accessory center
  • Your back-up team

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Why Partner With Robb & Stucky?

  • Access to the best, most prestigious designer brands with no minimums or exclusions
  • Access to thousands of the newest and up-to-date fabrics, leathers, swatches, trims and catalogs
  • Immediate delivery (and timely commissions), as many items are in stock
  • One-stop-shopping access to unique window treatments, floor coverings, and handmade rugs
  • Engagement with clients in a stunning and inspiring showroom to facilitate finalized orders
  • Reliance on world-class furniture deluxing, repair and restoration services so you focus on design and not operations
  • Fulfillment of client orders with award-winning customer service and in-home delivery

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