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Jacqueline Cantwell

Interior Designer, ASID Allied MemberJacqueline Cantwell



Jacqueline Cantwell

Interior Designer, ASID Allied Member

How do you create balance and harmony in a space? It’s a question for the ages and a challenge interior designer Jacqueline Cantwell delights in every day. For Jacqueline, those coveted harmonious interiors are all about color, texture, the thoughtful juxtaposition of styles and, most importantly, scale. Here, Jacqueline is masterful, artfully managing a floor plan with perfectly proportioned furniture, artwork, lighting and flooring.

Clearly, Jacqueline has a natural design aptitude. One of her first jobs was as a photo shoot wardrobe stylist. But her innate talent has been groomed and shaped with a professional education. Jacqueline holds a certificate in interior design from the New York School of Design. She is additionally an allied member of ASID and a licensed Florida interior designer. Jacqueline is an amazing addition to Robb & Stucky’s Sarasota design team. Here, she outfits beautiful rooms for delighted clients.

Jacqueline has designed homes for sports celebrities and actors (apologies, we cannot name names). Regardless of fame or fortune, Jacqueline’s clients describe her as “simpatico,” which is high praise. Jacqueline creates harmonious spaces and relationships.