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Robin Azevedo

Interior Designer, Associate ASIDRobin Azevedo



Robin Azevedo

Interior Designer, Associate ASID

“Sometimes less is just less,” says interior designer Robin Azevedo about minimalism in the world of design and creativity. Robin always strives to bring more to her clients, piece-by-piece and room-by-room. According to Robin, whether her client’s style preference is understated or dramatic, colorful or monochromatic, cool or warm, every little detail makes a difference. There are no small decisions.

Robin is a Midwesterner by birth and a Floridian by temperament. As a card-carrying member Associate ASID with B.S. degree in Merchandising, Robin has lived the creative life for over 30 years. Today, she’s flourishing as part of the Robb & Stucky design team. Clients and fellow designers love Robin’s holistic approach to design: layering significant pieces with expert space planning and color specification to delightful effect.

In the world according to Robin (and Robb & Stucky too), the “minimalist” trend in service and attention to detail is also passing fad. Robin’s favorite part of the design process is the end, where all decisions – minimal or grand – come together to create beautiful spaces.