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Helene Brown

Interior DesignerHelene Brown



Helene Brown

Interior Designer

Helene Brown has been piecing together stunning designs for decades… it’s in her blood.

Originally from Bronx, NY, Helene is a licensed Interior Designer, NCIDQ certified, and has been in the industry since 1984. When it comes to design, Helene believes it is like putting together a puzzle. First, she says have to imagine the full picture, break it down based on your clients wants and needs, and then piece it together for a beautiful finish.

Helene’s love for fine furniture runs deep, as her grandfather was a cabinet manufacturer. She says she appreciates the process of how each piece is made and what makes it unique. This way of thinking, is what helps Helene fashion each of her designs to reflect her client’s individuality, while still having a timeless style.

Puzzled with your space? Stop by and see for yourself the spectacular design Helene can piece together for you!