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Kelly Kilgo

Interior DesignerKelly Kilgo



Kelly Kilgo

Interior Designer

As a child, impassioned conversations around Kelly Kilgo’s family dinner table often involved blueprints, building specs and installation timetables. You see, Kelly was born into a family of building professionals, including both her parents and, later, even her two sisters and brother. Kelly danced to a slightly different drummer. She was more interested in floor plans and paint specs than girders and joists. Kelly struck out on her own and has built a successful career in interior design over the course of two exciting and creative decades.

Kelly’s clients are often more impressed by what she doesn’t say. They tell us that Kelly is a fabulous listener. She is not one to impose her own preferences. Rather, Kelly’s approach is collaborative. She listens and responds with creative ideas that strike the perfect, personal chord with clients. Kelly makes decorating fun.

Happily for Robb & Stucky shoppers, Kelly has discovered that you can never escape your past. The family's building business has given Kelly invaluable insight into the building process: she’s at home with blueprints and tech specs, as well as fabric swatches and paint chips. Kelly is a well-rounded, creative addition to the Robb & Stucky Sarasota design team.