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Aimee Bocklet

Interior DesignerAimee Bocklet

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Aimee Bocklet

Interior Designer

Aimee Bocklet is an experienced interior designer with a passion for creating calming, joyful spaces. A stellar communicator, she brings positive energy and fun to every project. A great listener who is all about the details, Aimee strives to help her clients efficiently allocate time and resources to create the home of their dreams. She loves working with a serene and calm color palette, coupled with gorgeous accessories and lamps to complete the look.

Originally from New Jersey, Aimee has lived in Florida for just over half a decade and loves to walk the beach near her home to clear her mind and find inspiration. Outside of design, she is also passionate about fitness and enjoys tennis and yoga. Meet with Aimee at our Sarasota showroom to create a balanced, harmonious space!